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John Hinderaker, Hypocrite

June 6, 2012

I know the title is redundant, but here is what Hinderaker wrote after the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords:

What would have happened if the Congresswoman with whom Jared Loughner apparently had been more or less obsessed since 2007 had been a Republican? Would Republicans have blamed the Tucson murders on Democrats’ “eliminationist rhetoric”? They would have had a relatively good case…

But no: frankly, it would not have occurred to conservatives to try to make a connection between Democrats, no matter how disreputable they may be, and the act of a deranged lunatic in Arizona.

Fast forward to today:

Just as you would expect, the Democrats kept it classy last night, flooding Twitter with calls for Scott Walker and his family to be murdered. Twitchy has collected dozens of death threats.

Ah yes, the modern Democratic Party. The liberals’ rhetorical violence contrasts with Walker’s own restrained and dignified victory speech last night:

Classic Hinderaker. He claimed that conservatives would never try to make a connection between Democrats and the acts of deranged lunatics. And yet today, he does exactly that.


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  1. No. The two situations were not the same. The Democrats screamed that Palin was to blame for Gifford’s shooting because of the tone of her rhetoric, whereas Hinderaker is complaining about explicit calls for the murder of Gov. Walker and his family.

    • Michael permalink

      You’re right, they aren’t the same. In one case someone actually tried to kill a democratic congresswoman, in the other case some people made threatening tweets.

      As to Hinderaker’s general point (which he states over and over) that liberals are violent and full of hate, it’s obvious to most that there is plenty of that on the right as well. Remember Ted Nugent’s statement that if Obama is re-elected, he will either be in jail or dead? Sounds kind of like a threat to me. And here is an example of death threats against democrats after they passed Obamacare:

      The voice mails left for Stupak were particularly graphic. In one recording, a man swears at Stupak repeatedly while wishing for him to die.

      “Congressman Stupak, you baby-killing mother f—er. … I hope you bleed out your a–, got cancer and die, you mother f—er,” he says.

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