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Steven Hayward Is A Snob

February 29, 2012

In his latest attack on all things liberal, Obama, Santorum and the Snobbery of the Left, Steven Hayward continues one of the right’s favorite hypocritical talking points – that liberals are snobs. I can’t help but wonder if he is being a conscious hypocrite or an accidental one.

A snob is a person who believes that he – and those like him – are superior to others. They are also condescending toward those who hold different opinions or have different tastes. Let’s see if there is any evidence of Hayward’s snobbery in the current post.

It’s not clear to me that more college students will breed more liberals; it might just as well breed more apathetic slackers

Last time I checked, college graduates make a lot more money and have a much lower unemployment rate than all other groups. Seems odd for a group of “apathetic slackers”.

Instead, we should entertain the idea that in calling Obama a “snob,” Santorum has actually struck very close to the philosophical core of the contemporary Left.

The philosophical core of liberals is snobbery? How condescending!

So, just how does a fashionable new lefty, educated in the ahistorical and nihilistic premises of modern liberalism that make us into Nietzsche’s “last men” at the end of history, construct a philosophy to provide a basis of opposition to vulgar “Americanism”?

Yet again, “lefties” are condescendingly accused of being against “Americanism”.

Wettergreen suggests that Left intellectuals in effect embrace a formal position that works out to snobbery in practice, even if they don’t recognize it explicitly.  It explains why so many liberals are impervious to the plain fact of their inegalitarian elitism.

Sounds like someone is projecting.

Likewise, today’s leftists have so fully absorbed their own “betterness” over the rest of us that they can’t be bothered with a serious philosophical defense of it.

The mission of Power Line is to convince it’s readers that conservative philosophy is better than liberal philosophy in every way. Whether they are discussing tax policy, climate change, the role of government, regulations, oil pipelines, education or entitlements, their conclusion is always the same – conservatives are right and liberals are wrong. In other words, Power Line has “absorbed their own betterness”. Today, Steven Hayward uses plenty of condescension to prove this betterness. What a snob.


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