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This website began as a response to a conservative blog named Power Line. From the old “About” page:

The website Power Line comments several times a day about political and economic issues. They come to the conclusion that conservatives are always right and liberals are always wrong. They are obviously wrong about 50% of the time. The purpose of this blog is to document their wrongness.

Since those early days, it’s focus has shifted to economic analysis of political issues – thus the new name

Too often, politicians misuse economic statistics to support their agenda. But even though there are many high quality sources of information on the internet, the mainstream media does very little to call politicians on their distortions. Even worse, the agenda-driven media (Fox News, MSNBC) in many cases actually provide the misleading information in the first place!

The purpose of this website is to cut through the confusion with fact-based analysis backed up with unbiased sources. Opposing viewpoints are always welcome.

About the Author: Michael is a graduate of the UCLA School of Engineering. After 17 years in Engineering, Michael left the field in 2001 and is now a full-time Investor and Economic Analyst.

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  1. Under your “Unbiased” sources, I’ll give you the CBO as a potential possibility.

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